Sunday, October 31, 2010

Networking in Scotland

I mentioned the networking I have been doing, as any new start-up must, and I have realised the extraordinary variety in how these things work. Last week David and I went to the Banter in Edinburgh and were very impressed at the way Martin has it organised. Free to take part, hosted in a local coffee shop, Very fluid, come and go as you please, grab a coffee before moving into the group, but he watches for new entrants, and for us after a quick chat to ascertain what 7 Elements Ltd does, pointed us at the most likely useful contacts and carried out introductions.

Similarly the New Media Breakfasts hosted by FatBuzz in Glasgow and Edinburgh is a well laid out affair. Small cover charge, but the one I went to was at the Tower Restaurant, so the bacon butties were superb! The hosts (from FatBuzz and Winning Entrepeneurs) facilitated well, and carried out relevant introductions.

That facilitation role is the key - without it, you can wander aimlessly, fail to make the right contacts, and could leave the event very disheartened.

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