Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been having an interesting time over the last couple of weeks meeting people at networking events. It is very reassuring to me that the basic business model underpinning 7 Elements Ltd appears to fit the needs of so many organisations.

We are providing services that are practical and effective for small or large organisations - and that work even in the current economic environment.

I presented for 45 minutes last night on behalf of ISACA Scotland to an audience, mostly from IT audit, from a range of organisations with a strong Scottish presence, and I have never seen so many people take notes throughout an entire talk! Usually a particular segment may interest one person, and another will want something else, but I think we got the right balance. The topic was "key security risks, and practical remediation steps" and drew on examples from the OWASP Top Ten, the Verizon data breach survey and the WHID white paper as well as my own experiences to indicate the highest risk areas which can be easily remediated.

The presentation will be up shortly on ISACA Scotland's web site as well as on 7 Elements.

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