Friday, November 09, 2012

Conference planning for 2013

Having a look at conferences, as I have spoken at quite a few over the past couple of years, including AppSecEU, eSecurity Scotland Summit, Institute of Internal Auditors, ISACA and IISP events.

Top of my list for the year is the grass-roots security conference: B-Sides London, which I got to in 2011, but unfortunately missed this year. It's in the calendar, and I may propose a talk if I can get time before the CfP closes at the end of November. It coincides with Infosec, which is much more vendor focused, but the pair of them offer some excellent networking opportunities. is another one I'm looking at. I haven't been, but the Abertay guys are a good bunch, and this is just an hour up the road for me.

Will have to liaise with the team to see if I can take along some Security.StackExchange swag - T-shirts, pens, torches, stickers etc.

Any other thoughts on which conferences I should get to?

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