Friday, November 18, 2011

Alter Ego - Boosted

My band, Metaltech, supported the mighty KMFDM this week at the Classic Grand in Glasgow. Now this was by no means the biggest gig we have played, having had successful gigs at the Wickerman, Belladrum and Rock Ness festivals etc., but in terms of pure awesomeness it wins hands down.

Trauma Inc. - a local Glasgow band kicked off, despite one of their number being hospitalised earlier in the week with an extreme allergy. Their sound is becoming more polished every gig.

Our gig was the best we have ever had - the house sound and light guys did us proud, we had an amazing mix, and KMFDM's fans really got into our set. Having them crammed down the front jumping (and singing) along really took us to a new level of excitement and fun. Our dancers, the Kamikaze Girls, from Edinburgh attracted a lot of attention too - big thanks to them for spicing up the dance floor! Barry, who runs the Classic Grand, made the entire evening run well, including an excellent after party. As ever Barry - apologies for the general mess we tend to leave...

And huge thanks have to go to Sascha, Lucia, Steve, Jules and Andy and their road crew for not only being an utterly lovely bunch of people and superb musicians, but for making us feel like part of the family for an evening. They delivered the promised Ultra Heavy beats, and made time to party with their fans, the support acts and generally hang out. Despite the obvious KMFDM influences in Metaltech's beats, I had never seen them live and I was soooo impressed at the skill each individual had (including Sascha and Lucia's wee daughter who joined in with soundcheck, despite being only 4 - there's a girl who is destined to be on stage!)

Hanging out with Lucia.

Already acquired the KMFDM WTF? t-shirt, so am a happy bunny

Steve, Lucia and Sascha rocking out!

The energy KMFDM have is amazing. This gig is 5 from the end of a long tour and they still give it everything...even through technical difficulties (a mic failed halfway through)

Aside from a gig tonight at the Cabaret Voltaire, I think Metaltech's 2011 live shows are at an end (next one isn't until January) but it has been an awesome year, with our album launch, festivals, loads of headline gigs, our Acoustech sideline and now this.

Let's see what 2012 brings for Metaltech.

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