Friday, July 08, 2011

Exciting Happenings in Security Stack Exchange

You are probably aware I am one of the pro-tem Moderators for the global Security expert knowledge exchange, which was created as a public beta in November.

Well, we are almost at the stage of graduating to full Stack Exchange membership, with over 3000 users, and around 1000 visits a day, and the growth is increasing. Like the parent Stack Exchange group (currently with 57 sites live and over 19 million unique visitors) this question and answer site provides valuable information and guidance from experts and experienced professionals to a wide range of users.

A very cool visual identity has been crafted, and is almost finalised - check it out in this post by Jin.

To support this growth and transition to a full site, we have also created the Security Stack Exchange Blog - we went live this week. Check out the About page for a list of topics we are likely to cover, or request topics, either relating to questions, through our Question of the Week posts or by asking in the DMZ, our chat room.

On twitter, follow the hashtag #stacksecurity

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