Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving on from 7 Elements

So - we have come to the end of the wee project we set up last year, and I thought I should pop down some of my lessons learned and my thoughts on my next moves:

For me, the contrast between the global world of Ernst & Young, and our local 7 Elements world has shown that some things are the same at any scale. Interestingly the same people engaged me working as a small company as I would have expected from my previous role leading a team across multiple countries. The key is the people relationship - if someone likes and trusts you they will want to work with you.

I have definitely discovered what I enjoy least and most in day to day infosec work, and confirmed what is most valuable to me - my family first, then my profession. Being able to take my kids to school most days is a wonderful return to sanity.

I really enjoy meeting people who are either committed to security or those who aren't really security literate but want to understand and implement secure code or controls. It's also very rewarding to come into a 'greenfield' environment and make a distinct improvement in their security posture (I know, I used the 'P' word...)

OnStartups - part of the StackExchange family has been an incredibly good source of information. Kind of wish I'd hung out there before we founded 7 Elements!

So, not exactly sure what is happening now. Am looking at two sets of options - couple of really interesting permanent roles are being created at the moment, and a few companies have asked if I can do some consulting work over the next few months. So I guess we'll see. If it's consulting I have my Alsop Consulting company - check out and if it's full time then I'll let you know:-)

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