Friday, June 03, 2005

It's all go

Well, I've been hectically busy so failing to post here, but have been able to post at moblog while on the move. Now that blogger allows mobile blogging I might do that here....

Bought a new house, which is nice, and I know it's in a nice area, because it's 2 doors down from my current one. It just has an extra bathroom, bedroom, conservatory, shed, two extra public rooms, bigger garden, longer driveway. Yay!

Just got to sell mine now...know anyone who wants a nice 4 bedroom detached house in a very desirable bit of central scotland?

Preparing to go to Portugal for 2 weeks, then Belfast, London, Cowes, Amsterdam and then Kent. Luckily I get the last week in July at home. Which will keep Claire happy...that'll be our 7th wedding anniversary!

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