Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dreich and dreary drizzle

The weekend was great - I love this drizzly winter weather! Sunday was a pro-karting race with the TVR club, and despite a power cut out at the track, it was really good fun. Mainly because it got quite slidy due to the low temperatures and some drizzle in the final. I managed to make up many places by pressurising people until they made mistakes and spun out. Yay!

The Saturday was sunnier, and climbing was good - managed a new route...only a 5+ but a good psychological one. The next target is a long 6A, but I'll need to try it at the start of a session, not when I'm already knackered.

Always been a fan of Strongbad (I mean, even my car stereo tells me the time in his voice!) and this one is a good 'un:


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